My Choice Is Made !? With this short summary we will show you the difference between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics. Then it is up to you to make the choice based on the products. Let's go!
A new market for the West that inspires designers. Some brands had already created protective masks with their logos before containment.
If you want to perfect your eye makeup, Inception Classy Eye Brush Set by Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics has been specially made for you.
What makeup brushes are there for beginners? Many people have asked themselves this question. There are special brushes for the face, lips and eyes. Quality is an important factor to be able to learn make-up techniques easily.
With the eyeliner you can emphasize your eyes particularly well. But especially for beginners, it is not easy to pull the perfect eyeliner. I will give you my tips on the way and show you the correct use of the eyeliner.
The summer of 2020 has begun. Are you looking for a matching lipstick color for you? No matter if strong or natural, I present you 3 different variants.
Green eyes are naturally radiant. It is the color of eyes that least needs to have a very strong contrast to give them a vibrant and above all spectacular effect.
This might have happened to many of you and you wonder how to lighten or darken your foundation shades. Here are some tricks and tips.
In addition to eyes, hair and skin type, many factors play a role in perfect make-up. I give you my recommendation, tips and tricks for choosing your foundation.
Foundation is a liquid or powder makeup base. It is a tinted cosmetic product used to cover up or even out the coloring of the skin.
Blue is a naturally cool color and can come in many variations, from deep blue to icy gray. The easiest way to improve your natural shade is to visit the opposite side of the color wheel.
A successful day. Here are a few impressions from the show in the QF Passage in Dresden.
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