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This might have happened to many of you and you wonder how to lighten or darken your foundation shades. Here are some tricks and tips.

How to lighten a foundation that’s too dark?

Whether you bought the wrong one and can’t return it or you’re still finishing an old foundation bottle, you can customize it and maybe create a better match matcher for your skin shade.

One way to make foundation lighter is by applying it with a wet sponge instead.

  • Wet sponge:
    when using fingers to blend in foundation especially a liquid foundation, it will look darker than when you use an applicator or a brush. So when a foundation is dark, avoid using your fingers, use a sponge instead.
    Before using the sponge, dampen it a little. Do not show it under running water. The idea is for it to be a little damp, not soaking wet. Once dampened, take a bit of foundation and spread it onto your skin.
  • Moisturizer/Primer (Secret Skin DRC Cosmetics)
    The best is to add some moisturizer to the foundation. Remove the foundation from the bottle and transfer it into a bowl and add some moisturizer. Mix both products and keep on testing it until the right shade is achieved.
  • A lighter foundation
    Take one of the foundations in a bowl and slowly keep adding the other one until you end up with the right shade. What good here is you end with 2 bottles of foundations.

How to darken a foundation that’s too light?

Just as you can lighten foundation that’s too dark, so too can you make a foundation darker if it’s too light for your skin tone. To make foundation darker, I recommend you to try adding these products either by mixing them ( use the Hand Mix Palette DRC Cosmetics) or by making some correction on your skin directly with a blending method.

  • Adding blush or concealer
  • Mixing it with bronzer
  • Combining it with a darker foundation or tinted moisturizer

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