A new market for the West that inspires designers. Some brands had already created protective masks with their logos before containment. These masks were generally intended for the Asian market already accustomed to wearing masks.

The brands understood this when it became widespread and do not fail to ride this new wave.Superheated imagination to protect everyone! Masks appear everywhere. As it is essential in everyday life and must be taken into account, you will find all possible and unimaginable variations in terms of colors, styles, materials ... etc. So who has to wear it, as much as it is pretty and original!

The mask gradually takes their letters of nobility, because just like a handbag , shoes or a pair of glasses, it has become a real fashion accessory to perfect the look of fashionistas.

WE THEREFORE ADOPT A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Of course, like everything else, this accessory has its pros and cons.

  • Disadvantages: it is annoying for daily use because it fogs up, brings moisture to the whole skin and, above all, prevents complete pulmonary breathing.
  • Benefits: It allows us to break out of isolation and continue to socialize when it is impossible to maintain social distancing. It protects us from viruses, dust, bacteria, mites, odors.

The only requirement, however, is that the mask meets European safety standards.

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