Know that depending on the colors of your eyes, hair and skin, there are colors that suit us better than others. In makeup it's the same. If you are not a makeup pro, no panic. The general rule is that if you combine two opposite colors on the color wheel, you will get a match. Blue is a naturally cool color and can come in many variations, from deep blue to icy gray. The easiest way to improve your natural shade is to visit the opposite side of the color wheel.

Deep ocean-tinted or baby blue eyes, the best colors for these eyes are in fact neutral classic colors like beige and taupe. These colors compliment your eyes in the same way that blond hair brings out blue eyes. As for shades such as pink tones and peach tones, these will highlight your eyes. Therefore, fuchsia tones are useful if you want to intensify cool blue eyes.

Warm earth shades, Neutral shades and Tans shades

The layering of light shades, neutral browns, orange and peach is the perfect makeup for blue eyes as it makes them look much brighter. Shades such as taupe and champagne give an incredible look to the eyes for a natural look. Bronzes and browns flatter the shape and shade of the eyes without dominating the hair and other physical features.

Purple is the blue eyes flattering key

Warm hues of purple, like plum or eggplant are also very flattering for blue eyes. Their reddish tones bring out blues in general. Dark blue eyes, bright metallic colors will suit best. Gray-blue eyes, pink-toned purples and golds are your assets.

Beauty Tip

During the day, choose matte colors for a subtle makeup and in the evening, choose gold and bronze colors for a slightly more sophisticated makeup such as MOIRE or BROWNY (DRC Cosmetics). If you want your eyes to look more gray or silver, use a Black liner Pool liner (DRC Cosmetics)

Which colors for blue eyes
Neutral Browns, Orange, Peach, Coral, Gold, Bronze
Your Master color: Black

REF: Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics Eyeshadow
Joy= Champagne

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