First of all, I will not say picking the right foundation but instead picking the best possible foundation. The reason is that there is a lot to consider: “shade, tone, coverage, texture, finish”. You will also have to take in consideration skin specification: “ normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, redness-prone skin, spotty skin and hyper-pigmented skin”.

To complete the expertise, hair and eye colors, what colors you look best in, how you react to the sun and the color of your veins. As it is extremely challenging to find a foundation that ticks all the needs, bellow is my expertise of how to approach as much as possible the goal.

In general, people fall into one of the three undertones

  • Cool means your skin is more blue, red, or pink.
  • Warm means your skin is more golden, yellow, or peach.
  • Neutral means your skin will have a combination of cool and warm colors.

To find the best foundation color shade for you!

Figure out the undertones of your skin by looking at the veins color on your arm or wrist.

  • Blue veins on the inner wrist indicates that your skin is cool toned. Your foundation will be with a rose, red, or blue base, and consider shades like cocoa, rose, sable, and porcelain. (DRC Cosmetics, Inception Foundation C010 to C050)
  • Green veins on the inner wrist indicates that your skin is warm toned. Your foundation will be with a gold or yellow base, and consider shades like caramel, golden, tan, chestnut, and beige. ( DRC Cosmetics Inception Foundation, W010 to W050)
  • Bluish-green veins on the inner wrist indicates that your skin is neutral toned. Your foundation will be nude, ivory, praline, buff.(DRC Cosmetics, Inception Foundation N010 to N050)


The best foundation is the one that disappears into your skin. Foundation is not supposed to be seen. Foundation is supposed to provide a uniform canvas to work on. Use the swatches on your jawline to determine which foundation blends in best with your skin. This is the foundation shade that will best cover blemishes and redness while still looking natural.

Case 1: Naturally black, brown, or blond hair combined with green, gray, or blue eyes is an indication of a cool undertone. People who are cool will tend to turn pink or burn easily in the sun. Silver jewelry look best on undertone cool.

Case 2: Naturally black, auburn, or strawberry blond hair combined with Hazel, brown, or amber eyes indicates a warm undertone. People who are warm will bronze or tan in the sun. Gold jewelry will look best on undertone warm.

Of Course there are some exceptions.

Pro tips to remember if hesitation

  • Choose three shades you think are a close match to your skin tone.
  • Swipe all three side-by-side down your cheek towards your jawline.
  • The shade that disappears into your skin is your best foundation.
  • Step outside and check the shade in day light.
  • To avoid yourself seasonal skin shade problems, I recommend you to buy 2 to 3 different foundation shades. One will be used for when you're tanned, one for when you go weeks without sun and eventually one for mid-season.

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