If you want to perfect your eye makeup, Inception Classy Eye Brush Set by Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics has been specially made for you. The set of 7 brushes is part of a selection of high quality brushes. Each brush is particularly useful for working your eye makeup for optimal results.

Standard Shadow Brush Nr.08

There is the standard shadow brush to start your makeup base. This brush Nr.08 is the applicator brush. It allows you to deposit the color and apply it evenly on the eyelid.

Blender Brush Nr.06

The medium brush Nr.06 is the mixing or blending brush. It's soft and fluffy to soften harsh eyeshadow lines. You can thus with the latter soften and blur the shadows.

Pencil Brush Nr.09

The brush Nr.09 is the pointed pencil brush or Crease (eyelid folds). It not only creates a separation between the eyelid and the brow bone, but also gently applies the eye shadow around the lash lines.

Flat Angle Brush Nr.10

As for the flat pencil brush Nr.10, it is ideal for stamping the color around the eyelashes or the inner corner of the eye. One of my favorite brush because it also allows to work the eyebrows with mainly powdered materials for a more intense and especially more elegant look.

Small Contour Nr.05

The brush Nr.05 is the express brush. It is larger than the pencil brush and faster for eye shadow application, while automatically separating the upper eyelid from the browbone. It's a multi-stain and precision brush for me, because it's great for applying and blending all materials and areas.

Eyeliner Brush Nr.12

If you want to perfect your eyeliner, two brushes are ideal for a doe eye finish. The brush Nr.12, more precise and pointed, it allows you to highlight your eyes with a cream eyeliner. As for the brush Nr.10, it allows you to get as close as possible to the lashes and to stretch the eyeliner while blending the material for a softer finish.

Concealer Brush Nr.07

And finally, the corrector brush Nr.07: it is the brush specially designed to correct your make-up under the eyes and for the complexion. it is the finisher because it allows you to correct with finesse for an impeccable result.

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