Eyeshadow for green eyes

Green eyes are naturally radiant. It is the color of eyes that least needs to have a very strong contrast to give them a vibrant and above all spectacular effect.

To highlight green eyes, opt for soft palettes of brown, anthracite and forest green eye shadows. You can make your green eyes pop by applying different shades of eye colors. Purple, plum and violet shades look fantastic on green eyes.

For a little more sophisticated make-up, a mixture of certain colors such as gold or copper will do wonders. If you have a mixture of Hazel and green, to help the eyes to look greener, use gold tones eye shadow.

A touch of gold on the eyelids and on the inner corners will highlight the yellow spots present in some green eyes whereas Copper will give green eyes a vibrant and mesmerizing rating. In addition, gold colors as well as brass are portable in all seasons.

Your major asset for a 100% seductive look, special evening: purple, mauve, pink and wine color. These colors will intensify the green color of the eyes and in addition will make them vibrant and shiny.

Metallic, shimmering red-bronze and sparkling purple shades will beautifully contrast with green eyes to intensify the color for a hypnotic look. The red undertones in purple eye shadow make green eyes instantly pop!

  • TIP: wearing white clothes will compliment your green eyes in summer.
  • Remember: Contrast is best for making colors stand out. Red-based hues such as pink or coral are great for emphasizing green eyes. A neutral shade like taupe will make your green eyes shine. Browns and greens are also great choices for a slightly more bohemian accent.

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