What color of lipstick to choose for spring-summer 2020? This question was topical before the crisis. Well, after the crisis too.

Let it be said, this year is very special. The Covid-19 has somehow damaged all industries, regardless of their sector. However, as in all periods of crisis, luxury, beauty and wellness remain privileged sectors. This is not the time to fall asleep on your laurels, on the contrary you have to wake up to find Alternatives so as not to sink!

Despite this, the trend is stronger than ever. We want to have more fun than before, Thanks for the containment and quarantine !. This has exacerbated our desire to enjoy life to the full. We want to be free and happy again.

In terms of beauty, even the most indecisive will have no trouble making a choice regarding their look, style and makeup. We see life differently. For this year, our mouth is in the spotlight more than usual. With lips hidden under a mouth mask to protect ourselves from a stranger named Corona ( Covid-19).

Some of us will be tempted to no longer wear lipstick, on the pretext that we do not see it under the mask. To avoid inventing reasons and finding phony excuses, below are tips for you.

Yay, sunny days are back! 3 shades have the monopoly.

Red lipstick: L’elegance

When it said little is more, this formula applies for red lipstick.

The red lipstick dresses the lips with unequaled elegance. A nude complexion makes it possible to focus on the lips and eye.

For a Wow effect, opt for a Rouge Couture mouth with Avenue Powder Gloss. Couture red is just like the famous little black dress, that is to say a must have, timeless.

Nude lipstick remains in the spotlight

There are of course several shades of nude, pink, beige or brown, there is shade for everyone. Get your shade with Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics, nudes Stefanie (beige brown), Marina (peach) for light skin and Irene (brown) for dark skin bet on natural lips.

Nude makeup has the advantage of being discreet. The nude is worn everywhere, all the time and with everything! When wearing nude lipstick, intensify your eyey makeup.

Tip: avoid wearing Nude on lips that are too thin, as this will erase your mouth.

Pink : La vie en Rose

"For a colorful and happy spring and summer 2020- Pink is the star guest, so dare, dare, dare … Fuchsia pink lipstick and the baby doll pastel colors are highlighted at Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics with two improbable Milano and Doll. Opposite one another, these are two shock roses.

DR Cosmetics offers you several shades according to your desires and your skin tone. Powder Gloss are professional and multi-functional products. They can be used both on the lips and on the eyes with exceptional hold.

Summer look coming next: Eyes, the 2020-2021 seduction asset.

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