One of the most popular makeup in the world.

Everyone wants a smoky eye and at the same time, nobody really says what a perfect smoky is! As far as I'm concerned, I think everyone has it own vision and technique of how to do this makeup.

Basically, no one has the perfect smokey formula. There are people who like it light and others more intense. I share with you one of my smokey technique.

4 things to know that will help you to master your makeup in general before starting.

1- Get the right tools! Brushes are essential and super important.

2- The key: Blending is your best friend.

3- Always keep the darkest point on the lash line.

4- Just do it! Use a maximum of 3 eye shadow colors and one eyeliner.

When it comes to smokey eyes, what really matters is how well you can blend the liner and shadow. That's what gives it that sultry look.

* Brushes needed: No.06, No.07, No.08, No.09, No.10
* Eye shadow variants: Browny, Deepblack, Joy / Lagoon, Meteroit, Ice

This little guide with color details is an example of Smokey Eyes as it is worn by the model. Of course you can choose your own colors. This is how you do it.

  1. Start by applying a makeup base, transparent or mid-tone, on the entire mobile eyelid for an easy application that will last all day.
  2. Choose an eyeshadow in brown shade. When applying the first time, always make sure that the first color is lighter than the second. Apply the eyeshadow with the eyeshadow brush No. 9. Pick the color and put it on the mobile eyelid up to the eye crease and blend.
  3. Then superimpose a dark black shadow like Deepblack on the mobile eyelid using the clean part of the brush No. 9.
  4. Mix, stretch and smoke until you get the shape and intensity you want with the brush No. 6 down to the crease of the eye.
  5. Then with the small Crease brush No. 9, apply Browny as intermediate color for a nice gradient.
  6. Then apply a liner along the lash line, making sure that you coat and apply color between the lashes to instantly make the eye appear.
  7. Along the line of the lower lashes, apply the dominant color with the brush No. 9, making sure to smoke at the same time up to the root of the lower lashes.
  8. And finally, put on the mascara.

Beauty tip

Apply a liquid liner and to intensify the eyes even more, use a kajal or khol.

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