Leather Bracelet "Lock & Key"

Luxury makes you beautiful. A soft leather bracelet completes your look. The two-tone variant can be wonderfully combined and are perfect your summer style.

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The right key to the lock, that symbolizes this bracelet made of pure leather. Super soft and... more
Product information "Leather Bracelet "Lock & Key""

The right key to the lock, that symbolizes this bracelet made of pure leather. Super soft and very comfortable to wear. The hook can easily be attached to the eyelets at the other end of the bracelet.

Highlights at a glance

  • Super soft bracelet made of pure leather
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Two-tone, wine red and nude
  • Reversible and 3-stage adjustable
  • For wrapping around the wrist or ankle
  • Metal made of stainless steel with gold finish (bronze alloy)
  • Pendant lock & key
  • Shapely hook for attachment
  • 3-membered chain as eyes for hooking
  • Plaques and lock with "DR" initials
  • Total length approx. 20 cm
  • Width 8 mm
  • Weight 22 g

Would you like some luxury?

This beautiful leather bracelet can be worn around the wrist as well as around the ankle. The colors red and nude harmonize wonderfully with each other. The "gold-plated" pendants and chains make the piece of jewelery look playful and glamorous at the same time. Wear one or two bracelets or combine them with other accessories and create your individual summer look.

Connected in love

The bracelet is an ideal gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Thanksgiving Day or New Year. Buy two and give a bracelet to your girlfriend or boyfriend as a gift. So you are visually connected in friendship. We think it's a very nice idea.

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