Foundation Duo Fibre

Foundation Duo Fibre

The Stippling Brush No. 03 is mostly to be used for foundations, creamy, emulsions and selected powder products textures. Use it in a swirling motion for a sheer product application.

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Precision tool for your look With this foundation brush you can apply your make-up easily and... more
Product information "Foundation Duo Fibre"

Precision tool for your look

With this foundation brush you can apply your make-up easily and precisely. It is suitable for primers, creams, emulsions and selected powder products. This brush is the most professional of the whole series. When used correctly, it will never smear on the face. This brush is particularly suitable for liquid primer, powder, blush and bronzer.

High quality brush made of mixed fibers

At first glance, the brush looks a little unusual because its fibers, for particularly effective application, are composed of natural and synthetic materials. A particularly great advantage of these mixed fibers is the versatility of this brush. The synthetic fibers basically apply the product to the face, while the natural fibers create the intense look and create a breathtaking, natural finish. With this brush you carry liquid and creamy make-up precise and easy. It is one of our favorites, because in theory you only need this one brush for the entire face.

The right care

As with the other brushes in the series, correct care of the brush made of mixed fibers is also important. So that the high-quality bamboo handle is not damaged and lasts a long time, it should not be in the water for a long time. Clean your brush regularly. It is best to immerse it in cold water and wash it off thoroughly. So you can be sure that all make-up residues are removed.

After washing, dry the brush on a piece of paper or a dry cloth, and then put it in a dry place where it can dry.

Product details

  • Goat and synthetic bristles
  • Round headed shape
  • Bamboo handle
  • Brush head diameter approx. 3 cm
  • Brush head length approx. 3 cm
  • Suitable for creamy, liquid and powdered products
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Ingredients "Foundation Duo Fibre"
Applying liquid primer with a brush is a special challenge. We often hear that applying the... more
Application "Foundation Duo Fibre"

Applying liquid primer with a brush is a special challenge. We often hear that applying the foundation with a foundation brush would create streaks - but you can avoid that with the right handling!

  1. First put some primer on the back of your hand and then pick up the primer with the white bristles.
  2. Next, dab the foundation on your skin with the brush. This process is also called "stippling".
  3. Then you mask out the swabs by wiping them gently. The only bristles that should move are the whites, regardless of the blacks. So you only need very light pressure, just swivel the brush slightly and you get a natural and flawless complexion. 

This is how you apply powder

The white bristles are so delicate that they don't rub the concealer or the foundation under the powder finish. You can first dab the powder on the covered areas, then gently cover the rest of your face with your favorite powder.

How to use the brush for blush

We all have this highly pigmented blush in our make-up bag, but often we don't know exactly how to apply it! Brush No. 3 can bring color to your face even on rather dreary days. If you just like a slight blush on your cheeks, you can easily apply any kind of pigmented blush with this brush. Simply apply the paint with a little tapping and then fade it out by gently wiping it. You can also apply more blush until the desired color result is achieved.

How to use the brush for bronzers

The same goes for bronzers, of course. We find applying bronzer with this tool particularly easy because you don't have to worry about impurities. You can also use a smaller brush for this, but you won't notice any significant difference in handling and you can apply the paint more evenly with the larger brush.