No. 1 | Large Powder Brush

No. 1 | Large Powder Brush

The professional Powder brush No. 01 was designed to apply powdered products such as compact powders, loose powders, blushers and much more. Its use offers a flawless and easy makeup application.

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The fluffy powder brush The professional brush series from DRC is based on years of practical... more
Product information "No. 1 | Large Powder Brush"

The fluffy powder brush

The professional brush series from DRC is based on years of practical experience and intensive make-up tests. Numerous brush materials and shapes were examined in connection with various types of powder. The result is a brush series that ensures perfect and easy application when applying powder. The rounded shape of the powder brush was specially developed to enable precise application and fading out of powder.

The fluffy brush hair can be used for any powder, both for any type of primer or for the powder finish. Since the brush always picks up the right amount of pigments, it is equally suitable for pressed or loose powder.

High quality material for best makeup results

Each brush fulfills its own purpose, so it is very important to pay attention to the material. The best result can only be achieved with the best quality. For this reason, DRC uses 100% goat hair on all powder brushes. Brushes made of natural goat hair prevent impurities, optimally absorb powder and thus ensure an even distribution on the skin. Powder brushes made of synthetic hair cover the skin well, but the fine, incomparable, smooth complexion cannot be achieved in the end result.

Another highlight of the DRC brush series is the bamboo handle. This material not only gives the brush a natural, beautiful appearance, but also ensures a perfect hold in the hand. Due to the composition of the materials, the brush is very light and allows a gentle guidance over your face when applying the make-up.

Care instructions for a long shelf life

Clean your brush regularly, because it takes up the dirt and sebum from your face with every make-up process. We recommend a natural shampoo or just plain water.

  • Note: Never immerse the brush completely in the water, only the brush head.

When drying the brush, we recommend the following procedure: After cleaning with shampoo, simply squeeze out the remaining water and gently rub the brush off a towel or piece of paper. Then you bring it back into shape and lay it flat on a flat surface. If you have the option to put it in an airy place, that's even better. This shortens the drying time.

product details

  • Ideal for powder
  • 100% goat bristles
  • Conical head shape
  • Bamboo handle
  • Head diameter approx. 3 cm
  • Head length approx. 5 cm
  • Suitable for all types of powder (not ideal for blush)
  • Allows flawless, smooth skin
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Application "No. 1 | Large Powder Brush"
  1. Take a thin layer of loose or compact powder (tap - do not blow - first) then start with your T-zone and under your eyes. This brush will also help you to quickly fix your foundation or concealer.
  2. Applying pressed powder If you're using a powder foundation, use a large, full brush to evenly distribute the product over your face for an even finish. Use light sweeping motions, and then gently buff the product in. What brush do you use for setting powder?