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INCEPTION Fluid Foundation INCEPTION Fluid Foundation
INCEPTION fluid foundation - ideal for all skin types Do you also dream of flawless skin? Fulfill your dream with the INCEPTION Foundation, a high quality liquid foundation. With its innovative formula, it is ideal for all skin types....
Content 30 ml (€1.63 * / ml)
€49.00 *
INCEPTION Kompaktpuder C010 INCEPTION Compact Powder
INCEPTION compact powder is the new generation of powder make-up It gives your face a gentle tone without shining. That is the reason why this unique matt powder should not be missing in the basic equipment. The luxurious cream texture...
Content 10 g (€3.90 * / g)
€39.00 *
INCEPTION Loose Powder INCEPTION Loose Powder
High quality powder from Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics The loose and ultra-fine powder ensures a soft, soft feeling on your skin. The use of loose powder is especially important when using liquid or creamy make-up, as it reduces the shine and...
Content 30 g (€1.63 * / g)
€49.00 *
Find the perfect shade for you Put a natural blush on your cheeks. To achieve an optimal make-up result, you have to choose the right shade when choosing the blush. This should not only match your skin tone, but also ideally combine with...
€29.00 *
The most important thing you carry with you! With the Bamboo Duo Palette, you can carry your two favorite colors with you, no matter where you go! This make-up palette is a must in your make-up case because it is practical and contains...
€29.00 *
Bamboo Eyeshadow Pro Palette | 14 Shades Bamboo Eyeshadow Pro Palette | 14 Shades
Made for Makeup Artists This Bamboo Pro palette of 14 colours was thought and imagined for professional use. Made for Makeup Artists and for Beauty lovers, carry your favourite colours where ever you go! This Makeup palette is a " MUST...
€69.00 *
INCEPTION Eyeshadow | Refill INCEPTION Eyeshadow | Refill
Make your eyes shine The soft and creamy texture is very easy to apply to the eyelid and leaves a color-intensive shine. INCEPTION eyeshadow is available in 10 colors. You can either store it in a specially made duo palette or in the...
€11.00 *
Bamboo eye shadows palette DUO Bamboo eye shadows palette DUO
Small and handy for on the go This bamboo duo palette has space for your two favorite colors, no matter where you go! It is a must in your make-up case. So you have everything conveniently in one place. With the numerous eyeshadow...
€25.00 *
Long Lasting - intense colours The handling of the pool eyeliner is similar to nail polish because it comes in a small bottle and has to be dipped into the bottle after each use. With a liquid eyeliner you can create versatile and highly...
€15.00 *
INCEPTION Splash Mascara INCEPTION Splash Mascara
Waterproof mascara for more volume Easy to use, this high-quality mascara gives your eyes more volume and length. It is waterproof and withstands tears and can also be worn during the swimming season or during a beach holiday. Your eyes...
€19.00 *
INCEPTION Rouge Lipstick INCEPTION Rouge Lipstick
Inception Rouge lipstick - more than a lipstick Inception Rouge was developed with all the best technology and nature can give. Formulated to define, to shade and to showcase the lips, discover its incomparable texture, colors and its...
€29.00 *
Avenue Lip Gloss INCEPTION Powder Gloss
Inception Powder Closs for velvety soft lips Inception Powder Gloss comes from an innovative and exclusive formula. Highly pigmented, high coverage and its rich color will enhance your lips as never before. It is enriched with Shea...
€34.00 *
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