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No. 9 | Pencil Brush

Pencil Brush No. 09 is used for precise shading on the lid, in eye crease or along lash line.

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Optimize your eye make-up The bamboo series by Dorothy Roffat offers you brushes with which... more
Product information "No. 9 | Pencil Brush"

Optimize your eye make-up

The bamboo series by Dorothy Roffat offers you brushes with which you can apply your make-up easily and like a professional. This pen brush is perfect for creams, liquid make-up or special powdered product textures. With it you can precisely emphasize the crease, individual colors on the lid and the lash line. The outside of the eyes are also no problem, e.g. with intensive make-up like Smokey Eyes. With its pointed shape, this brush can set many other details and highlights that are not possible with other brushes. There are no limits to your ideas for your eye make-up.

Dorothy Roffat has the ideal brush for every facial area, every makeup consistency and every look. If you already know how you would like to put on your make-up, the brush selection will also be easy for you. Properties such as length, diameter and material have an impact on the end result. With the pencil brush you get the best results with more complex eye make-ups like Smokey Eyes. You easily apply the creamy consistencies and blend them easily. Like most of Dorothy Roffat's brushes, the bristles of the pencil brush are made of pure goat hair. This has a natural, light grease film, which means that the make-up adheres very well to the brush and you apply it evenly and intensely.

Care for your pen brush

Only a brush that is cleaned regularly guarantees flawless make-up. A brush that you use frequently will absorb sebum from the skin, as well as dirt particles and make-up residues. You can wash out the bristles of the pencil brush with a natural shampoo or baby shampoo. Be careful not to immerse the bamboo handle in water! When you have rinsed the bristles thoroughly with clear water, you can easily squeeze out the remaining water. It's best to use a clean cloth or piece of kitchen paper. Then you lay it on a flat surface until the goat hair is completely dry again.

Product details

  • Brush hair from goat hair
  • Narrow, rounded brush head shape
  • Bamboo brush handle
  • Brush head diameter approx. 0.8 cm
  • Length of the brush head approx. 2 cm
  • Suitable for creamy, liquid and powdered products
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