About Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics

Dorothy Roffat is the founder and CEO of Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics GmbH.

Visionnaire, eccentric, passionate, humble, ambitious, she is the brain and the soul of this fantastic brand. Born in Cameroon, grew up in the middle east and Europe due to her father's work, Dorothy is a true multi-cultural woman. Easy to get along with, this strong will woman who was planning to become an English teacher, find her way in the cosmetic industry. While working part time in a duty free store in Charles De Gaulle Airport ( Paris ) Dorothy is Spotted by Givenchy and Kenzo Houses She will be their brand ambassadress during 4 years.

Her attraction for make-up has not always been, as she never really thought it could be a job. It was more a hobby like painting than a potential work. After having resigned from Givenchy and Kenzo, she worked for other brands as a demonstrator in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann, Sephora Champs Elysées and Marionnaud.

After all this years in the cosmetics Industry, she needed to take a short break to sort out her future. During that amount of time, she worked for Emilio Robba, an Italian art of floral design company and SIA, a Swedish home fashion for a year. People who got to know Dorothy before this venture could not just believe that she could easily give up and leave what was engraved in her soul.

A friend of hers who was working for MAC Cosmetics and who got to know Dorothy on the Givenchy old times could just not let her talent be wasted. Dorothy made her come back in the industry as a member of MAC Cosmetics Paris Crew. Thanks to this dearest friend Abie Hardy “ Zuhint Cosmetics CEO and founder “.

After few years with MAC Cosmetics, she decided to challenge herself once again. She spent 2 years traveling around the world, working with celebrities and diplomats wives. In 2011 she moved to London and created her first business called “ Dorothy Roffat – Fashion Production “. An entrepreneur was born! Beside this successful first attempt, she was noticed by other make up owners.

“ My mission is to create a high-end brand with premium quality make-up for professionals and privates“

In 2013 Dorothy's old dream came back: " create a brand that will change the view of make-up and also challenge the entire cosmetic industry ".

While working on her new project, Dorothy moved from London to Dresden ( Germany ). In 2015, Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics GmbH, a multifaceted brand that reflects the spirit and the generosity of its founder is launched.

Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics Brand: “ Reliable and authentic products with professional performance”.

Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics ( DRC ) is a brand created by a make-up artist for professional Make-Up Artists and accessible to public. DRC is an Eco-friendly brand with the will to preserve the environment, to give the best of what technology can give, knowledge and know-how given Pros with premium quality products. No animal tested.

“ Dorothy Roffat Cosmetics strives not only to be at the service of Artists, but also to help women embody what they truly are”.

Beauty is in the nature

12 brushes



Designed with passion by Dorothy Roffat, those luxurious, stunning and eco-friendly brushes collection for face, lips and eyes, will help you achieve a perfect finish. Made with natural Bamboo, natural and synthetic fibers, those are just a " MUST HAVE " in your beauty kit. Remember that using brushes make a huge difference in makeup application.

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Compact powder

Pressed powder



Those silky lightweight compact powders were born from an innovative formula. Created to been worn atop Inception Foundation as a fixator or been put alone, Inception Powder is the ultimate finishing touch on your makeup. Designed to enhance your beauty, those Inception Powders will caresse your skin to give a natural and matte finish effect. 

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